Pay per click


Online Digital Mantras setup and run your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, in the most efficient manner that ensures loads of traffic to your site. PPC is one of the most effective techniques for digital marketing, but requires the right set of skills and experience to run a successful campaign. PPC campaigns have proved to be beneficial and provide high ROI, if done properly.
Online Digital Mantras apply proven PPC methodologies to generate effective leads. We employ the best of our skills and experience to make sure that our clients get tons of ‘real’ traffic that will be fruitful for them in real terms.

What we do for you?
We will set up your account where you are looking to launch your campaigns. Then, we will develop a strategy for running your campaigns, implement it and continuously monitor it to make sure that everything is working fine. PPC campaigns require extensive analysis, set-up and monitoring to get the maximum out of them.

What makes us distinct?
What makes us out stand from the crowd is our unwavering resolute to serve our clients’ interest in the best possible manner. We always exert maximum efforts from our end to make sure that our clients get the true value for their money. For that reason, we always go out of our way to ensure that our clients’ campaigns are run successfully and bring them a lot of conversion. Following is a glimpse at how we do it:

-Targeting the’ right’ keywords: Keyword research is one of the areas that require a lot of time and effort. Many service providers don’t bother to find and target the right keywords that can bring you loads of traffic and sales. Actually, finding low volume keywords, that are also known as long tail keywords, require extensive research. They are inexpensive as compared to high volume keywords. In addition to providing a cost-cut solution, long tail keywords provide you with highly targeted traffic.

-Continuous monitoring of your campaigns: One thing is for sure; PPC campaigns require continuous evaluation and then making required changes. Setting it and forgetting it does not really seem to work with PPC campaigns. Many PPC campaign managers, do not give a lot of heed about this fact, because it requires additional effort for the same price. Online Digital Mantras always provide their clients with continuous support because for us, it’s about providing value for the money they are paying to us.


Our package includes:

-Keyword research
-Creating text for Ad
-Optimizing Landing pages
-Conversion Tracking
-Call Tracking
-Submitting the Ads
-Monitoring the campaigns
-Campaigns’ cost management
-Researching your competition